School for Horticulture and Visual Arts Celje is situated in the shade of old plane trees and surrounded by various plants and greens of our school park.

The school has had a long tradition of more than 65 years in educating pupils and students in the field of horticulture and floristry as well as more than 10 years in the field of visual merchandising and also 6 years of the post-secondary higher vocational programme in the field of horticulture. This year Higher Vocational College starts with a new post-secondary programme i.e. Visual Communication Design.

If you ask our students about their favourite classrooms, they will surely not think for a long time to reply. However, you can see them for yourselves - if you take a walk around our school park or enter the vivid and picturesque school corridors, pass school window displays and graffiti in front of the wardrobe lockers, or if you enter our newly equipped library and classroom for flower arranging. You will be amazed by all those places.

Those are the places where our students are educated for a wide palette of general and professional knowledge and competences, which are often shown very successfully at numerous competitions in Slovenia and abroad. We have to mention that the doors of our school are also open for foreign students from different European countries. We also have a 10-year experience in international cooperation with schools from about 15 European countries.

Our school is definitely a second home to many young people. As we are a small school noone is left unnoticed or left behind. Students in our school are not just numbers, but individual personalities. Every student is given a chance to show his or her abilities and everybody is given the opportunity to gain the best professional education and training for their future jobs and careers.